ACE EXPORTS entered into business in 1990 incorporated as a public limited company on 5th of July, 1990 under the jurisdiction of Registrar of Companies Uttar Pradesh 1990 in the name of Kanpur Saddles Private Limited, which was converted into a company named Ace Exports Limited in 1992. The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of the Company is L19111UP1990PLC012053. IT WAS LISTED ON 13th June, 1994 on Delhi stock exchange and UPSE securities limited stock exchange.

Those who know leather, also know the vital importance of decisions taken while choosing hides bearing the end product in mind.

Making shoes is another story, altogether. The similarity between tanning of a hide and the making of a shoe is the deep personal involvement necessary to produce quality goods.

Shoe making today, has evolved into a complex science from the art that it was until the middle of the last century. The traditional image of a Chinese workman bent over his last no more sits comfortably in the consumer's mind. Shoe-making has definitely become more complex and undoubtedly hi-tech.

Natural skills and latest technologies for making comfortable and durable footwear are now seen as complementing and supplementing each other .One without the other is inadequate.

A tour of the factory would reveal, to the discerning eye, all the ingredients to make high performance and aesthetically appealing footwear are installed and in-use. If full leather sole is needed the requisite technology is available. And if Genuine Hand-made Goodyear-welt and Hand-stitched down were sought the wherewithal to make them is also indigenous to the factory.

A footwear expert will see a well-planned unit, housing advanced, versatile and painstakingly-maintained machinery, run by dedicated, skilled personnel, who obviously take pride in producing footwear that, as per their expertise, and their company's policy, should set industry standards. Matching and then surpassing, the best anywhere in the world.

At Ace, our capacities may be modest but our aspirations continue to climb. With tenacious resolve, we are focussed on expanding our horizons, towards rapidly changing technologies and higher production.

Current Installed Capacity
Shoes and Shoe Uppers - 1800-2000 pairs per day.
Leather Unit Soles - 1200-1500 pairs per day.

riAce Exports Limited,